Sack Kraft Paper

Nantongpack focuses on recommending top-quality sack kraft papers to converters and brand owners. As the exclusive agent authorized by Mondi Group, a global leader in sack kraft paper industry, Nantongpack provides 17 grades of sack kraft paper to meet varied requirements for our customers. Our products range includes brown, white and PE-laminated paper grades for quick dustless filling, tough handling, all types of converting and filling machinery and varying climate conditions. From open mouth bags to valve bags, one, two and three-ply construction, paper bags and paper laminated with woven polypropylene bags, you can always find the right product in our warehouse to perfectly satisfy your requirements.
Sack kraft paper is made from virgin fibres from slow-growing pine and spruce. Our paper is the ideal choice for valve and open mouth industrial bags mainly used to pack a variety of products essential for the building, food, agricultural and chemical industry.
Apart from a full series of Mondi products, we also provide sack kraft papers from Russia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan and Australia.
Excellent paper properties
High strength
Brown and white kraft papers we provide offer superior strength properties. Our strongest grades have a TEA index of up to 3.8 J/g. These grades are ideal for 1-ply and 2-ply industrial bags with a filling weight up to 50 kg.
High porosity
For packaging concerning high-speed and dust-free filling of cement and other powered substances, we offer kraft papers with combined high strength and excellent porosity. Even when not perforated, high porosity kraft papers guarantees speedy de-aeration during filling. Furthermore, its high strength fully withstands the tough demands of filling and handling.
Excellent Runability
For converters, paper features such as strength, stiffness and smoothness should be stable to ensure the effective operation of high-speed sack converting machines.
Excellent Printability
In Particular our white sack kraft paper grades offer excellent print characteristics. A smooth paper surface and an even paper formation gives high-quality prints result enhancing your products point-of-purchase appearance.
Thanks to outstanding printability and surface properties the next-generation white kraft from Mondi PM7 offers enhanced branding options. For example, its smooth surface creates highly superior gloss and top-quality print.
Excellent printability and High Strength Properties in ONE GRADE!
There are three main groups of sack kraft paper when the classification is made according to the stretch value in the machine direction: 
1.   Flat or Natural Kraft (2 – 3 %) 
2.   SE or Semi Extensible (5 – 6 %) 

3.   Extensible or Full Extensible (7 % +) 

Sack kraft papers can be also classified on different porosity levels:

Standard porosity 15-25s/100ml
High porosity grades 5-7s/100ml
Friction sack kraft paper
Generally we provide two different kinds of sack kraft paper with special surface structures: Advantage Stabile (White or Brown) and Advantage Select from Mondi. The special surface structure achieves outstanding runability and high slip resistance. This will reduce the dust level and has proven most effective in enhancing slip resistance, thus giving filled sacks high stability when they are stacked. For some special customers asking for good performance on stacking, the ideal stack effect can be achieved without coating or printing anti-slip inks. For paper bag converters, it can improve the running speed of paper sack machines due to excellent strength and good surface property.
Sack kraft paper with wet strength

Wet strength sack kraft paper refers to paper with wet strength resin added. Paper bags produced using this kind of paper are commonly used for root crop sacks and refuse sacks