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Policy and certification 
For more than 10 years, Nantongpack has championed the sustainable management of natural resources.



Because our products are primarily made with wood fiber, our commitment to environmental excellence naturally begins in the forest.

Human Rights Statement:
We believe that Nantongpack can help promote respect for human rights through the example of its actions and its values.

Global certification policy

The Global Certification Policy defines the global criteria and principles that Nantongpack follows for the certification of our lands, and the wood or fiber purchasing systems for our facilities, to forest management, fiber procurement and/or chain of custody standards.
Global Responsible Fiber Procurement Policy:
Nantongpack recognizes the intrinsic environmental, social and economic values of forested landscapes and we are committed to delivering the products our customers want, while ensuring the responsible stewardship of the world’s natural resources. We purchase wood fiber, recovered fiber and finished paper for use in the manufacture of our products. As a result we have a responsibility to our employees, customers and other stakeholders to ensure that these products contain wood fiber that has been responsibly managed and harvested.

Nantongpack is committed to excellence in environmental, health, safety and sustainability practices and performance, and continually works to wisely manage natural resources. Health and safety are fundamental values, and we strive to design, operate and maintain accident and injury-free workplaces for our employees, contractors and visitors around the globe.

Sustainable practices represent the foundation of our business, and we endeavor to minimize environment, health and safety impacts during the design, manufacture, distribution, use and at the end-of-life of our many products. This includes a commitment to the communities where we operate, work and live to responsibly manage our forests, facilities and related businesses.

Nantongpack seeks to do business with customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors, joint-venture partners and other business associates who share our high standards of ethical business behavior. Nantongpack champions the innovative and ethical management of natural resources. We partner with suppliers of responsibly grown fiber and routinely certify our fiber supply chain to widely recognized standards. Our commitment extends past the forests to include manufacturing and supply chain excellence.