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Nantongpack International specializes in the paper industry. Over decades we have operated under the philosophy“Quality, Service, Professionalism and Integrity.” We are now one of the leading professional dealers of paper in China. Working together with internationally renowned paper manufacturers, we import and supply top quality paper to customers China wide. We also supply locally produced paper, finished printing and packaging products for export worldwide.

We have a well-established sales network throughout China with regular stock of various specifications stored in our warehouses in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nantong and Dalian. We are dedicated to providing timely, convenient and superior services to our customers wherever they are.

In order to quickly meet our customer requirements, we have a paper converting plant in Nantong City with a slitting machine (width 1300mm), a rewinding machine (width 2700mm) and a sheeting machine (width 1400mm). We also have a joint-venture paper converting facility in Shanghai.

Our branch offices in Australia and Hong Kong work closely with suppliers and overseas customers. Apart from being a more efficient communication channel between overseas suppliers and customers, our branches also trade with our Chinese customers in foreign currencies such as US dollars and Euro. These branches also use letter of credit and Telegraphic Transfer as means of settlement for payment.

Nantongpack is dedicated to provide supply chain solutions to long-term customers lacking investment capital who seek a stable supply. By virtue of our powerful capital strength, we strive to find professional solutions to meet our customer needs for mutual benefit, for example deferred payment.

Nantongpack boasts highly specialized knowledge and expertise in each of its specific business areas. We not only provide good quality products but also value-added services such as technical support, risk management, finance, logistics, and marketing. At Nantongpack, we specialize in providing our customers with sophisticated supply chain solutions.