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Professional Sales Team

First-hand Supply of Goods

Professional Stock Buyer

Our customers can enjoy professional advice on the selection of paper or board, up-to-date information on new print, packaging and paper technologies and how these can help their businesses. Our sales representatives will provide the most up-to-date information on current paper prices and arrange special delivery requirements.

Our aim is to source the best papers from around the world and deliver them to our customers promptly. The paper is directly purchased from paper manufacturers or their assigned agents. This is critical for the stability of the supply chain and sales prices.

Nantongpack guarantees that any mill rejected paper will not be introduced to the customers of prime making. One other advantage Nantongpack has over other dealers is that we are able to take on any excess inventory a mill may have by accepting a wide range of tolerance. Specifically, we can accept all width sizes, both sheeted and rolls that may have gouges, core damage, water damage, etc...

Prompt delivery and Stock Capacity

Converting Operation in Shanghai and Nantong

Suitable and Professional Supply Chain Solutions

Our warehouses in Nantong, Shanghai (East China) , Shenzhen (South China)and Dalian (North China) have a regular minimum stock of over 12,000 tons of paper. Our facilities make it possible to supply our customers in a timely manner. For standard specifications, your orders will be delivered not later than two working days after their confirmation. We also offer a self pick-up service making our stock available within 30 minutes after the order has been confirmed, irrespective of where our customers are located: in South China, East China or North China. We can also transport the containers to the nearest port according to customer requirements as well as provide door-to-door service, including customs clearance.

Our company has one of the most sophisticated rewinding, cutting and slitting equipments with very high precision. Our Nantong plant has a capacity of over 1500 metric tons per month. We also have a joint-venture paper converting operation in Shanghai. With these facilities we can meet our customers’ particular requirements with very high precision. For most standard items, we do our best to stock large width rolls thus can carry out immediate slitting and rewinding if customers urgently require paper of special specifications. This is also one big advantage we have over other paper suppliers in the market.


Nantongpack is dedicated to provide supply chain solutions to long-term customers lacking enough investment capital seeking for a stable supply in stock. By virtue of powerful capital strength, we strive to find suitable and professional solutions to resolve their problems for mutual benefit.

Nantongpack has highly specialized knowledge and expertise in each of its specific business areas. We not only provide good quality products but also value-added services such as risk management, finance, dispatch and marketing as well.