MF SpringPack Plus

A natural brown premium paper quality specifically developed  for one application:“To sustain the force from 10 -15  compressed spring mattress units wrapped into a roll-pack”。
Advantage MF SpringPack Plus Produced from pure, unbleached kraft pulp Consists entirely of virgin fibres from Northern slowly growing forests, which gives the paper its inherent strength.
PEFC™/FSC™ Controlled Wood

A natural brown paper quality specifically developed  for one application

End-uses:Wrapping of spring mattresses

Extremely strong paper      High productivity    Highly automated, continuous paper feed

Different packaging widths by multiple reel stand    High packaging speed    High packaging output
Easy logistics    Easy handling    Efficient storage    Efficient delivery    Easy unwrapping
Cost savings    More efficient packaging    Higher productivity    Lower logistic costs    High packaging output
Environmental     100% recyclable renewable material    No need for package material return